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Optimizing a Periodized Diet and Supplementation for Sprinters and Jumpers: Case Studies and Practical Application

By Justin Fawley Ever since Tudor Bompa and Leo Matveyev organized Hans Selye’s stress-response models into periodization systems, coaches have argued about how to best set up the months of athlete’s training. The best collegiate athletes have multiple coaches and therapists working together to create meticulously planned year-round training schedules to draw out their best […]


Nelio Moura Interview: Speed, Strength and Plyometric Development for Explosive Jump Performance

One of the best jump coaches in the world is Nelio Moura, Brazilian national jumps coach, with multiple Olympic gold medalists to his name.  I first heard of Nelio a decade ago through his great work on special strength training for jumpers which was my first exposure to ideas like deloading every third week, or assisted […]